Semi-hollow Jimmy Page guitar wiring harness

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Finally, a drop-in Jimmy Page harness for your semi-hollow body guitar.  This system is so slim that it can easily be installed through the F-holes of most semi-hollow guitars.  If you can fit a Switchcraft toggle switch, then you can fit this harness!

Big Leg Circuits wiring harnesses are the only truly plug and play harnesses available.  You will not need any tools or special skills to install this, just plug it in.  This wiring mod, popularized by the great Jimmy Page, gives your Les Paul or SG style guitar a multitude of new tones not available with the stock wiring including the normal 3-way humbucker switching, strat-like single coil tones, out of phase tones, and the huge sounding broadbucker tone.  All made possible through coil splitting, series/parallel switching and phase reversal.  Push-pull potentiometers make this switching possible without the need of drilling any new holes in your guitar.   Now your knobs will each have a dual function; adjusting volume or tone when twisted and providing switching options when pushed or pulled.   Installation process takes about 20 minutes.  Simply insert your pickup wires into the screw terminals, tighten the screws with the included screwdriver and plug the volume control, tone controls, pickup toggle switch and jack into the main circuit board.  Only the highest quality parts were used here, Switchcraft toggle and jack and Bournes Pro Audio Guitar Series potentiometers.  installation instructions


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    Do yourself a favor, dont look anywhere else , this is it !!

    Posted by Guillermo Molina on 18th Dec 2020

    I'm restoring a Gibson 335 from 1972 , and as much as I would have loved to keep the internal wiring, truth to be told what little was left of it made the instrument unplayable. Now the question was do I go for a vintage used wiring , a reissue wiring, or should we go to state of the art of guitar wiring... I decided to give Steve and Big Leg a shot. You might have mixed feelings about putting such a modern harness on a vintage instrument, let me put you an ease, this was the best decisition I've made on this project, vintage instruments are a special delicate pieces and this si probably the less instrussive, most delicate system out there, it really guarentess you wont damage the instrument on installation.

    Yet.. the big question is how's the sound... In my opinion the one thing the wiring should do is stay out of the way of the pickups original sound, this means delivering a clean tone and control. there are so many factors that can mess up an internal wiring, and this just takes care of all of it from grounding to properly splitting the pickups, in short the guitar has never sounded better. Maybe is presumptios of me to say but I think that if this guitar were designed today it would definetelly have used this designed, wich on top of everything must be the easiest system to mantain I can think of.. things wear /break / change over time, and I sure hope that 10-15 years from now we can just switch any component you'd like.. this is high quality right here, on top of it steve was kind enough to guide me trhough the vintage setup, I have some old braided humbuckers and I just couldnt be happier.. I'll be buying this product again in the future for all my new builds.. Do yourself buy this from Steve.

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    I thought I knew what I wanted. I was wrong. This kit is *better* than that.

    Posted by Jason T. Dittmer on 14th Jul 2020

    I will spare you the ease of access I had reaching Steve and getting my questions answered. I will spare you the details of how he helped my Dad with his issues in ordering the wrong kit.
    Instead, I will tell you the instructions are spot-on, the components are top-notch, and the end result is so much more than the sum of its parts I hardly know what to say. I used the kit in a Firefly F338 with Robben Ford's pickups and I just got done giving it its first test drive. The Firefly had good bones. Now it is a monster. It is a beast.
    Yes, the installation is a little trickier than it looks on the video but take your time and get it right. Mine fired up on the first try and I don't know what superlatives to use to describe the night and day difference in the tones this guitar can now produce.
    I need a tutorial on all the stuff it can do that I didn't already learn from Steve.
    Support this man and his products, they are astounding. I can't wait for next weekend when I can really plug in, crank up, and give this circuit the walk it deserves.
    It's simply amazing.
    I would recommend it to anyone with the moderate skills required to do this work. Otherwise buy the kit and pay a luthier or friend to do it for you. You will never regret it.

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    Posted by John Tipton on 15th May 2020

    Genius design

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    Jimmy Page semi hollow body wiring harness

    Posted by David on 8th Feb 2020

    Amazing. Im terrible at soldering so i ordered this after many other positive reviews. Easy to install while watching the video instructions. Works perfectly!

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    Just amazing period!

    Posted by Tom Bennett on 7th Feb 2018

    I have tried many times to hand solder two humbucking pickups in this configuration with varied results. I have also bought custom pre wired kits that you just solder your pickup wires to with the same results. You tuck everything in, fire up your amp & nothing. This feeling makes you dig in with frustration to find out what went wrong.

    After searching for diagrams & tracing wires I realized this type of modification was going to take some more learning & time. I knew I could do it but then I found Big Leg Circuits. My first kit arrived in three days & the first install was effortless. I am on my third kit now. The components are top notch & install instructions very clear. Guitar techs that have to swap pickups for their player often will love this product. No iron, no problems.

    Tom Bennett Lockport, NY